Resettable Combination Lock

Like the SSCL, The RCL01 lock can be used on laptops, desktops, LCD Monitors, projectors and more. The RCL01 allows you to reprogram your own combination and eliminates issues of lost keys.

Simply wrap the cable around a fixed table leg, wiring hole or TDA01 Security Anchor, place the end of the cable with the lock fitting through the loop at the other end of the cable and pull tight to obtain maximum length. Place the tip of the lock into the security slots of your laptop/projector/flat screen etc... and release the silver button..

    • Cable_Thickness
    • Cable Length
    • 108cm (6.0 ft)
    • Lock_Diameter
    • N/A
    • Load Strength
    • over 125Kgs (275lbs)
    • Options
    • Resettable
    • P/N
    • RCL01

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