Case Screw Locking Bracket

Once installed with our security cable it prevents anyone from opening or removing the case.

Remove an existing case screw from the computer. Place the bracket over the screw hole. Screw in place with the supplied screw.
We include an assortment of screws with each bracket.
Note: We supply strong screws with the bracket, however, we cannot guarantee the strength of the computer case. Consider using with the Theft Deterrent Anchor (TDA01).

    • Dimentions
    • 11 x 13 x 16mm (0.44 x 0.52 x 0.62 in)
    • Weight
    • 4.5 g (0.01 lbs)
    • Variations
    • 30mm, 40mm, Brass, Steel
    • Options
    • Keyed Alike, Keyed Different
    • P/N
    • C16G

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