Theft Deterrent Anchor

Coated Stainless steel construction, anti-leverage loop, small footprint and one-way screws make this the strongest and most versatile anchor available.

Find a flat surface on the desk. Clean the surface and the plate thoroughly with the supplied alcohol swab. Optionally, Apply the glue sparingly to the surface of the plate then apply the plate to the desk, holding it with firm pressure for a minimum of 30 seconds. Pre-drill through the holes on the plate into the desk with a 1/8 inch drill bit, then screw in the one-way screws.

    • Dimentions
    • 51 x 22 mm (2.0 x 0.9 in)
    • Weight
    • 75 g (0.16 lbs)
    • Variations
    • N/A
    • Options
    • N/A
    • P/N
    • TDA01

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